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The Calling

In 1994, while Masha was serving in the church as the church chairman and an adult Sunday school teacher, he was encouraged to join Bible school by both his Pastor and the church council.  For him this was the hardest decision to make since joining Bible school meant losing his well paying permanent precious job where he was working as a senior dinning waiter in one of the big tourist hotels and at this time he had a wife and one child who needed his care. Masha decided to join Bible school but took advantage of the position he had at work to maintain his job.

When Masha joined Bible school, he was elected to be one of the officers in Gede Baptist Association the then known as  Gede Center of Baptist churches comprising of about 25 churches which elected him to be the chairman of the association of  churches the following year. It is in one of the meetings discussing an agenda concerning Mijomboni Baptist church that have had conflicts’ among leaders and caused divisions among believers, where the resolution was to be sent one of the leaders to reorganize the church and Masha was found the one qualified for that task.

While Masha had taken advantage of his position at work to save his job at the first time, at this time there was no way that he could make it since both the Bible school and the church needed him fully and he felt a great burden for the church. It is at this time when he decided to share with his wife Beatrice the burden he had of the church and the struggles he had concerning the decision of resigning his job. Beatrice his wife responded, “If is God calling you, why resist!” Masha praised God for his wife’s response for he had prayed before that if was God calling him then would also speak to his wife so that she can also understand so that they would agree in this major decision.

Masha resigned his well paying permanent job to resume the full-time Pastoral ministry as a response to God’s calling in 1995, trusting God for the details of his life including his family’s needs.

In 1996, Masha was blessed with his second born Evans who was born at a time of great financial needs where it was even very hard for Masha and his family to get one meal since African rural churches is not able to pay their pastors, since these churches are congregated by poor members and Masha and his family depended in a very little income from water sale. This situation became even worse in 1997 which led Masha’s family to great suffering which resulted Evans to suffer malnutrition.

It is at this time when Masha found himself to be a very irresponsible parent and husband when he saw his wife and his two children suffering and decided to quit the ministry and go back to work but decided to share his decision of going back to work to his wife expecting a very positive response but instead his wife Beatrice answered him “ it is good that you go back to work for we will get our daily bread, but what will people say about our God, they will say He is unable!”

By his wife’s counsel, Masha was total disparate not knowing what to do but made a decision that total changed his life, the decision was to tell God his situation through praying and fasting and decided to fast in prayer for un known days, closed in his house until when God answers his prayer. It was on Friday when Masha begun his journey, he closed himself in his house and begun praying and this is how he prayed, “Lord God you know the situation I am with my family, you also know that I can work and you know I have a place to work, but what will people say about you, they will say that you are unable and for that reason, I am ready to suffer, ready to be ashamed for your name sake.” Masha testifies that he prayed this prayer repeatedly and with deep hearted to God that caused his body to sweat causing his shirt to be total wet.

It was on the same day that Masha received the answer of his life for God answered Masha by reminding him his word in Luke 12 29-31 which says, “And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them. But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.”NIV

As a confirmation of answering Masha’s prayer, God gave Masha a great inner peace that cooled down his body and the sweat dried up. Masha begun praising God saying; in Kiswahili language “Asante Yesu, asante Yesu” (Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus) and after this Masha testifies that he did not have the courage to continue praying but he opened his Bible and wondered about the Bible verse that the Lord has used to answer him, which remains his favorite verse in his life and ministry today.

In the evening the same day, Masha went out of the house and told his wife to praise the Lord for God has answered their prayer, he told him about the experience he has had and quoted the verse for her and she was excited about it.

The following Sunday Masha announced himself to the church that from that day he is a full-time pastor, meaning that he will never be employed by anyone in life but just serve the Lord and is trusting the Lord for His care.

Two Sundays after Masha’s commitment to serve the Lord full-time, God sent two missionaries from the United States of America; these missionaries were an aged man called Wallace Norman and a lady called Polly Waldron. These missionaries had been sent by Malindi Association to introduce children ministry in Masha’s church and the lady seemed to be doing the training with the other young ladies as Masha helped in making the juice for the children.

While doing this, the lady started showing great concern to Masha as a person and respected him as a pastor that he felt very close to her that  missed her as she left to come back the second morning. In one of the days before she left, she gave her Camera to one of the ladies in the church, held Masha’s hand and told her to take a picture.

On the last Sunday before they left, these two missionaries recommended Masha as a good pastor and gave him some money to buy a new bicycle among other gifts and Polly promised Masha that if he wanted to continue with his theological studies then she was ready to support him. This is how Masha got an opportunity to join a four year Diploma in Theological program in Kenya Baptist Theological College after completing a three years certificate of theology program in Malindi Bible School.

When Masha joined college, this lady was faithful to her promise in supporting his studies but God also used her to answer Masha’s prayers, for Polly did not only support Masha’s studies but she was also concern with Masha’s family needs.

Masha recognized her great concern and realized that this was a divine connection and called Polly Waldron with the title “Mama” meaning my mother and honored her by giving her name to his first daughter Polly the junior.

​Another divine connection that the Lord did to prove his faithfulness in taking care of his full-time ministers needs is the connection of Masha with Michael George. Michael George was connected to pastor during a mission trip in Uganda where God has sent him to spread the gospel with the then called International crusade ministry where Masha had also gone for a mission trip. In this trip, Masha was sent together to serve the same church with Michael and his team of four for one week.

During their stay together as ministers, Michael showed great concern to Masha as a person and respected him as a pastor that Masha felt very close to him. On the last Sunday Michael gave Masha several gifts, compensated back the bus fare he had spent to travel to Uganda and promised him that he would pay his ticket in the next mission trip. Masha recognized this divine connection and called Michael his brother, meaning that if Polly Waldron is my mother then Michael George is my brother.

When Michael went back to Texas, Michael testifies that God spoke to him telling him to take care of Masha as his minister, something that he obediently responded to and wrote a letter attaching his family picture saying that if things go well then he would support Masha financially every month something that he did and has been faithfully doing.

​Masha Recognized Michael George’s kindness and recognized that he must be having a very generous wife behind him and honored her by giving Michael’s wife Donna to her second daughter to be Donna the junior.

In the year 1998, Masha was called back by his mother church Chafisi Baptist church and was elected as a pastor and was publicly ordained in the position of a pastor of Chafisi Baptist Church in the year 1999.

​While Masha was serving God as the Pastor of Chafisi Baptist church, he began having a burden towards one of the un evangelized people group that live at their neighborhood who have remained 0% Christian for many years and who live a very wicked life style and who are taken advantage by tourist to practice all sorts of immoral habits and Masha and his church tried to reach this people group but with no success since this people group had closed themselves as it was at the city of Jericho.

Reaching the unevangelized people groups of Africa, with the gospel and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, planting mission minded churches, providing opportunities for Ministers to exercise their spiritual gifts, training Ministers for effective Ministry in the field, mobilizing believers to serve God at all cost and reviving churches to be purpose driven.

To be an effective Christian Organization that reaches the unevangelized people groups of Africa with the Gospel and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, plant mission minded churches, and to develop missionaries.

“C.B.E.M.” Dedicated for the going business! (1 Peter 2:9, Matthew 28:19-20).

  • Committed for fulfilling the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • Committed for fulfilling the great commandment (Mark 12:29-31)
  • Committed for maintaining Christian and missionary integrity (1Cor 9:19-23)
  • Committed for holding in reputation all ministers serving within CBEM and honoring all sacrifices offered towards CBEM work (Philippians 2:29-30)

To be an association of Churches globally, focused on missions

C.B.E.M – AFRICA as a reaching ministry have adopted the Christian flag colors

  1. One God, eternally existent in trinity: – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
  2. The Holy Scriptures, as originally given by God, Divine, Inspired, Infallible, entirely trustworthy and the Supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct
  3. The Lord Jesus Christ, God Manifest in the flesh, His virgin birth, His sinless human life, His miracles, His vicarious and atoning death, His resurrection, His ascension, His Mediatory Work and His personal return in power and Glory.
  4. The Salvation of the lost and sinful Man through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ by faith apart from works and regeneration by the Holy Spirit
  5. The Baptism of believers by emersion in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  6. The Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the believer enables him to live a holy life, to witness and work for the Lord Jesus Christ
  7. The priesthood of all believers
  8. The personal existence of Satan, whose intent is to oppose God and frustrate His purpose and whose ultimate end is consignment to eternal punishment
  9. The bodily resurrection of all the dead, of the believers unto everlasting blessedness and of the unbelievers unto judgment and everlasting punishment
  1. To reach the unevangelized people groups of Africa with the Gospel and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, beginning with the people groups of the Kenyan Coastal region (Mathew 28:19-20)
  2. To Plant mission minded Churches (Mathew 16:18)
  3. To provide opportunities for Ministers to exercise their spiritual gifts (Romans 12:4-5)
  4. To train Ministers for effective Ministry in the field (2 Tim 2:2)
  5. To mobilize Ministers to serve God at all cost (Philippians 2:5-8)
  6. To revive Churches to be purpose driven (Proverbs 27:17)