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Join the blessed team!

C.B.E.M – AFRICA invites all short term missionaries to join the blessed team. CBEM is currently able to host up to eight couples (or 28 single persons) with private bedrooms and shower and restroom facilities for up to two weeks in a missionary houses offered by the Masha’s family in a large Giryama home so as to give the visiting team an opportunity of socializing with the African people as they stay with them, taste their foods, play with their children and showing Christ’s love to them as they share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to them.

Larger groups can be hosted through a very conducive environment for camping. For those who want to stay in hotels or cottages, bookings can be made for them along with special rates for their stay. The ministry also recognizes that quality time is essential for their missionary teams and schedules free time for shopping, a full day of relaxing at the beach of the Indian ocean and a one day Game park SAFARI. The transportation and arrangements can be made.

The ministry is now full-time and is open to receiving teams throughout the year. However, early booking will allow for better preparation by the CBEM team for your visit.

Opportunity for Short-term Missionaries

The ministry invites all committed individual missionaries and mission minded churches who are devoted to change the history of the unevangelized people groups of Africa by targeting a particular people group and planting churches.

Opportunities for Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers

CBEM invites evangelists who can participate in door to door outreach, as well as holding open air preaching. There is also the opportunity for pastors and teachers who can hold conferences and seminars in major topics of need in the area.

cbem africa social workers
Opportunity for Social Workers

The ministry invites social workers such as doctors, nurses, or other health professionals, who are devoted to ministering to the needs of the people of Africa and healing their hurts through showing Christ’s love by holding medical camps or donating medicine or supplies.

Opportunity for Donors

There are countless opportunities for those that are not being called to the mission field, but rather, as donors who can offer charitable services or give willingly to meet the basic needs of the needy people of Africa. There are needs from orphaned children, widows and handicapped with education, food, clothing and water sources to donors who can support African pastors Theological training fees and facilities.

Opportunity for Musicians & Intercessors

Gifted and trained musicians are invited to train African church musicians and choirs how to sing and play musical instruments. Committed Intercessors who will join the team in lifting up the needs of the ministry in prayer are also invited.

Opportunities for Ministry Directors

Children, youth, women and men ministers who can hold programs for men, women, and programs such as Vacation Bible School, children/ youth rallies, and camps are needed.

Opportunities for Constructors

The ministry also invites anyone who can support or donate physical resources such as constructors who can help build church buildings, schools, Bible training centers, and other mission projects and who can train believers’ life skills that will improve their life standard.

Opportunity for Quality Time

C.B.E.M – AFRICA offers an opportunity for you to spend your holiday time and resources wisely as a man and a woman of God, investing in God’s Kingdom.